There are two primary differences in the cameras: the features as well as the dimensions. The D7500 is more expensive and has a better resolution than the D500. Both cameras can be controlled via a manual mode, but only the D500 and D7500 feature joysticks. If you shoot a lot of videos, then you’ll require the larger resolution D7500 However, if not, then the D500 will fit your needs.

d7500 nikon d500

Both cameras will produce the identical quality images and also have the same memory. The D7500 features a more powerful burst mode (11fps) however the D500 has a faster burst mode that runs at 10fps. Each model has a 153-point autofocus mechanism, while the D7500 boasts an impressive 2.35m dot screen.


Both cameras’ viewfinders are rectangular, however the D500’s viewfinder can be more suitable for night photography. The D7500 offers a rectangular-shaped viewfinder, making it more practical for shooting in dim lighting. The models all have an AE-L/AFL button at the top. It is valuable because you can set it to automatically focus on the moving subject in low light conditions.

The Nikon D7500 features the highest frame rate this means that it captures larger pictures per charge. Though the buffer is more than that of the D500 but only one of them can be used. The D7500 gives you a better battery lifeand double the storage. While the D7500 is less powerful than the D7500 and has a smaller battery, it’s still an ideal camera that can meet all of your needs regarding photography. Its megapixel count is better over its rival.

There are two primary differences: the frames rate and the quantity of raw images can be captured. While the D500 comes with dual slots for cards as well as a speedier processor, it is smaller and also more economical than the D7500. The small size of the D7500 and its costs make it an excellent option for novices. Though it’s true that the Nikon D7500 is more user-friendly and offers a more spacious display however, it’s not just the Nikon D7500.


The D500 is compatible with faster memory cards over the D7500. Additionally, it has two slot cards, which are crucial for taking photos. The D7500 features a smaller battery. Both cameras are used by professionals and beginners. For a normal day, both cameras perform the same. There are a few subtle differences. The D7500 costs less, but the D7500 offers a higher frame rate.

Both cameras have illuminated buttons. It is much easier to operate the D7500’s dedicated AF-ON button than the one of D500. Its size is an additional distinction. Both cameras are smaller, however, they have the same video performance. With more options and an LCD display that is customizable and customized, the D7500 gives you more options. The ergonomics of the D7500 are better and the menu easier to access.

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Nikon D7500 features a better technology for AF than the D500. 51 AF points can be found on the D7500 as opposed to the D500’s 153. The D500 includes higher cross-type AF points, and it is more effective at tracking small objects. The D7500 is equipped with the ability to tilt its 3.2-inch touchscreen. This touchscreen is utilized to adjust the AF point in live view mode and scroll through photos. Additionally, the camera has one button for zooming.

The D7500 weighs lower than D500 and it is lighter. Even though it’s a more overall camera, the D7500 comes with a slower frame. The D7500 has a lower frame rate, but it is slightly higher priced and comes with the same features, but with fewer. The D7500 features a slimmer body as well as a 153-point camera, however, the autofocus of the D500 isn’t as accurate. Its LCD is much larger and more user-friendly.

When it comes to specifications, the D7500 has a bit cheaper than the D7500 and the D7500 is considerably smaller than D500. It is 20g lighter than the D500, but it’s still 1 pound heavier than the D7500. Additionally, it is costlier than the D7500. The D7500’s buttons are smaller and simpler to adjust, while the D7500 dial with its PASM dial is traditional.


The D7500 is an a bit more expensive camera, but it’s more expensive in comparison to the D500. It does not have the latest autofocus mechanism or speeds. Both cameras are capable of capturing 8 frames every second. No matter what the price, both cameras are relatively lightweight. The D7500 weighs around 930g, and the D7500 weighs in at around 800g. But, the D7500 has a lower weight as compared to the D500.